Angus Beef Mooves into Market Basket

A 49-year old grocery chain that sold over 6 million pounds of beef last year will start grazing new pastures. When Market Basket stores open its doors on Monday, March 29, 2010, nearly 130,000 pounds of Angus beef will be available in the meat departments throughout 29 grocery stores in Texas and Louisiana each week.

“Our Angus beef is hand-selected, hand-trimmed and renders a rich, savory flavor,” comments Ron Romeo, vice president of meat operations for Market Basket grocery stores. Our Angus is grain fed that helps provide consistent marbling and superior tenderness. “We promise 100% satisfaction on your Angus Beef purchases from Market Basket or your money back.”

Market Basket will offer Angus beef in Select and Choice grades in response to the customers’ demand for higher quality beef products. T-bone steaks, ribeye steaks, fillet mignons and New York strip steaks will be readily available. “To better serve our valued customers,” adds Romeo, “our meat cutters will prepare specialty cuts and carve meats of varying thicknesses upon request.” We encourage customers to consult with our meat cutters to ensure proper meat preparation.

All Market Basket grocery stores will offer Angus beef Select grade, the leaner and most common variety. Meanwhile, Angus beef Choice grade, which contains more marbling than Select, will be available at 14 Market Basket venues. Visit for locations, nutritional content and more information.