Prepared Thanksgiving Dinner, Sides, and Desserts at Market Basket

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is here at last! Families are making plans to get together to catch up and eat delicious foods of tradition until they’re stuffed. As a family owned and operated business, Market Basket realizes the important role that the holidays play in bringing families together. On Thanksgiving, food isn’t just something we eat; food is […]

Five Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

lunch on the go

The hustle and bustle of a weekday morning with getting ready for work, getting children ready for school, and preparing breakfast can easily make you ignore thinking about a healthy lunch. The last option then is to grab a quick bite at the nearest fast food joint or just coffee and something sweet to stack […]

Fun and Simple Halloween Ideas


Halloween is a time of spooky excitement and fun for communities to celebrate with get-togethers and trick-or-treating. Market Basket would like to join in on the fun by sharing a few simple, creative ideas with our friends. Halloween Hoot Cupcakes Halloween Hoot Cupcakes are a tasty treat made with some of your favorite goodies. Ingredients: […]

Prescription Bottle Roundup

Red Apple Services - Market Basket Pharmacy

Market Basket Pharmacies Are Paying the Public to Make Their Homes Safer Market Basket wants everyone to rid their medicine cabinets of old prescriptions. From October 2 to November 30, all Market Basket Pharmacy locations will be collecting old prescription bottles and rewarding customers with a ten-cent voucher for each bottle collected. Everyone is encouraged […]

Hurricane Preparedness Grocery List


September is National Preparedness Month, which promotes awareness about hurricane preparation. Living in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, we have been dealt our fair share of disasters . Turning your refrigerator to it’s coldest setting, can preserve food a little longer, but days without power will perish your refrigerated foods. Here is a list of […]

Prepared Foods in Supermarkets


Prepared foods are on the rise in the supermarket industry, so much so that they are giving actual restaurants a run for their money. Modern consumer trends of growing health consciousness and desires of instant gratification are boosting their awareness of supermarket prepared foods. Ready-to-eat meals prepared by grocery stores are generally a healthier alternative […]

The Reason for Gluten-Free Products


Odds are you have probably seen products labeled “gluten-free” around the grocery store, but what exactly is gluten and what is the reason for these gluten-free products? What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein that occurs naturally in nearly all types of grains. While gluten in most grains is of no particular health concern, the […]

Four Healthy Snacks for Kids


Fruit Fruit is hands down one of the healthiest choices of snacks you can give to your kids, and there are many different ways to serve it. Homemade fruit cups and fruit smoothies are two great examples. Apples, oranges, grapes, and other fruit can easily be sliced up and tossed into a bowl for a […]

How to Read Nutrition Labels


Nutrition labels tell you everything you need to know about the product you’re eating. Taking a few seconds to read them over can yield many benefits. Awareness of what you’re eating is the first step in maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

How to Tell if Fruit is Ripe


When searching through the produce section, you know that you want fruit that is ripe. But, what exactly does it mean for fruit to be ripe? The ripening process of fruit is basically the conversion of starch to sugar. When fruit is early in the ripening process, it is very starchy, which causes it to […]