The Origin of King Cakes


History of King Cakes King cakes are an inseparable part of Mardi Gras celebrations every year starting January 6th, which is the 12th day after Christmas, and ends the Tuesday before Lent. This tradition began in New Orleans around 1870 and has been followed ever since. Nowadays, king cake parties are held at homes, schools, […]

How to Care for Valentine’s Day Flowers


Receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a very special feeling. Colorful, fragile, and beautiful, flowers like roses, tulips, orchids, and daisies reflect the romance that is in the air and become a source of warmth as well. However, watching beautiful flowers wilt away within a few days is a sad sight to see. Here is […]

Be in the Know: Hot Food Trends for 2014


According to food market analysts and experts, going big and bold with flavors, on-the-go foods, detailed packaging, and health consciousness will dominate the grocery store in 2014. Here is a closer look at some of these trends: Detailed Packaging Due to a rise in demand by consumers, detailed nutrition labels, recipes, and fun facts will […]

Coffee Pairing: What to Serve with Coffee


Whether it’s your morning cup of Joe or the dessert to your delicious dinner, coffee just isn’t complete without tasteful foods to pair it with. Different roasts of coffee have complementary flavors that are enhanced by certain foods, similar to wine pairing. By following this coffee pairing guide, you can enhance your coffee experience! Light […]

Popular Types of Sandwich Meats


The simple concept of different ingredients between two or more slices of bread has become one of the most favored lunch options for us today. The genius of sandwiches lies in the simplicity of the concept that renders itself to hundreds of ways to make them and the quickness with which it can be achieved. […]

The Difference Between Coffee Roasts


Rich, luxurious, and comforting, one has to only think about the word coffee to be overcome by these feelings. There are very few things as satisfying as waking up in the morning with a mug of freshly brewed coffee. Perhaps you need to cut down on the pricy coffeehouse trips and find a comparable blend […]

Giving Back with a New Foundation

From left to right: Russell Saleme, Director of Merchandising; Steve Cormier, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations; Richard H. Reid, Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Vice President for the McNeese Foundation; Skylar Thompson, President: and Keith Dauterive, Senior Vice President of Buying and Advertising

The Market Basket Foundation recently presented a $10,000 donation to McNeese State University Foundation for Market Basket scholarships. This donation is the first contribution we’ve made in an effort to further our dedication to the community. The Market Basket Foundation was created with the purpose of giving back to local schools and continuing education programs […]

Prepared Thanksgiving Dinner, Sides, and Desserts at Market Basket

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is here at last! Families are making plans to get together to catch up and eat delicious foods of tradition until they’re stuffed. As a family owned and operated business, Market Basket realizes the important role that the holidays play in bringing families together. On Thanksgiving, food isn’t just something we eat; food is […]

Five Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

lunch on the go

The hustle and bustle of a weekday morning with getting ready for work, getting children ready for school, and preparing breakfast can easily make you ignore thinking about a healthy lunch. The last option then is to grab a quick bite at the nearest fast food joint or just coffee and something sweet to stack […]

Fun and Simple Halloween Ideas


Halloween is a time of spooky excitement and fun for communities to celebrate with get-togethers and trick-or-treating. Market Basket would like to join in on the fun by sharing a few simple, creative ideas with our friends. Halloween Hoot Cupcakes Halloween Hoot Cupcakes are a tasty treat made with some of your favorite goodies. Ingredients: […]