Storing Leftovers

Thanksgiving food safety tips. Don’t forget to properly thaw turkey according to the package directions in order to avoid harmful food-borne illnesses. Also, be sure to promptly refrigerate holiday leftovers. Foods left unrefrigerated longer than 2 hours may become harmful due to bacteria growth. Place foods in shallow containers for faster cooling; deep containers retain […]

Apple Recipes

Part 3 (of 3) – Apples, Delicious Apple Recipes Apples are so flavorful this time of year, and with the Thanksgiving holidays approaching soon, here are some delicious recipes for apples. When selecting apples to purchase, feel for any soft areas and look for discoloration or “bruising”. When apples are past ripeness, they become brown […]

The Nutritional Benefits of Apples

Part 2 (of 3) – Apples, Apple Nutrition One apple contains approximately 70-80 calories, contains no fat (which means no saturated fat either), no sodium, excellent fiber, no cholesterol, and no artificial colors. By eating apples as a part of your good nutrition plan, you can reduce your risk of certain types of cancer, help […]

The Health Benefits of Apples

Part 1 (of 3)- Apples, Apple Health Eat an apple a day you say! Most of us have heard it’s great to eat an apple a day, but why is an apple so good for us? Apples help promote a healthy lifestyle due to health benefits, vitamins and fiber found in apples. Researchers have linked […]

Zombie French Toast

Would you like to surprise your child with a healthy, spooky Halloween breakfast this year? Kids will have plenty of opportunity to take in “not so healthy” calories when trick or treating, so it’s a great idea to begin their day with something healthy to help provide them with wholesome nutrition before they haunt their […]

Light Food Definitions

When a food product advertises Light, Lowfat, or Lite, what does this really mean? According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), if a food is described as “light”, and contains no further explanation, then manufacturers have followed specific guidelines when labeling this product. These guidelines include 1) for foods where 50% of the calories […]

Brain Fuel

Powerful brain food. Your brain likes to eat and it likes powerful fuel like healthy fats, antioxidant vitamins, and quality carbohydrates. Where do you find all of these? Easy, head right over to the produce department and stock up on Avocados, Blueberries, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, collard greens, kale, romaine and arugula. […]

Butternut Squash

Try butternut squash and give your eyesight a healthy dose of Vitamin A. That’s right, just ½ cup of butternut squash contains 10,630 IU of Vitamin A, which is 354% of an adult’s recommended dietary allowance in one day. Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyesight. Purchase butternut squash that is firm, heavy, and has […]

Workplace Weight Gain

How do you work in an office and not gain weight? Birthday parties, baby showers, holiday festivities, and they don’t seem to ever end. These high calorie, party foods can really pack on the pounds. Try bringing your own healthy snacks to parties, and inviting others to sample what you bring. Pretty soon, it becomes […]

Let Kids Help in the Kitchen

Do you want your child to eat healthier? If so, let kids help in the kitchen. Even very young children can help peel potatoes or carrots. Set up a small workstation for your child so that he can pitch in at meal time. Even children as young as two years old can help in the […]