Butternut Squash

Try butternut squash and give your eyesight a healthy dose of Vitamin A. That’s right, just ½ cup of butternut squash contains 10,630 IU of Vitamin A, which is 354% of an adult’s recommended dietary allowance in one day. Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyesight. Purchase butternut squash that is firm, heavy, and has […]

Workplace Weight Gain

How do you work in an office and not gain weight? Birthday parties, baby showers, holiday festivities, and they don’t seem to ever end. These high calorie, party foods can really pack on the pounds. Try bringing your own healthy snacks to parties, and inviting others to sample what you bring. Pretty soon, it becomes […]

Let Kids Help in the Kitchen

Do you want your child to eat healthier? If so, let kids help in the kitchen. Even very young children can help peel potatoes or carrots. Set up a small workstation for your child so that he can pitch in at meal time. Even children as young as two years old can help in the […]

Those With Diabetes Should Shop Outer Aisles

Shop right for diabetes! Shopping the outer aisles of the grocery store are where you will find all of the natural, heart healthy foods for your diet. Start with fresh veggies, which are low in carbohydrates. You can even find grains (starches) here by purchasing items like fresh peas, corn, sweet potatoes, butternut and spaghetti […]

Want to Improve Your Healthy Grocery Shopping?

Here are three grocery store items to watch out for: 1.) Packaging that states “healthy” or “natural”. If you are monitoring your weight, one “healthy” snack may contain over 400 calories! Read the label to find out what is really in the package and how many calories it contains. 2.) Be careful about paying more […]

Quick and Healthy Ideas for Back to School Lunches and After-School Snacks

Quick and healthy ideas for back to school lunches and after school snacks. Visit the Market Basket produce department, and check out the Chiquita Bites, Snack Fresh, and Crunch Pak Apple Snackers and Dipperz. Chiquita Bites varieties include apple slices, peeled apple slice, and carrots with ranch dip. Each package is portion-sized to provide only […]

Glycemic Index

Do carbohydrates, and grain foods cause blood sugar to spike? Many grain foods are actually good food choices and low on the glycemic index (GI) scale. Pasta has a starch structure that causes it to be digested more slowly than the same amount of flour made into bread. Whole grain breads and brown rice are […]

Cool Smoothies for Meals

August heat and what to eat. The weather is hot and you are longing for something cool to eat, tastes great, and offers good health benefits. Market Basket has a wonderful variety of summer fruits and vegetables, which are great for smoothies. When trying to stay cool, why not enjoy a cool smoothie for dinner. […]

Pre-Packaged Salads

Last week I wrote about the convenience of prewashed lettuces, and this week I want to help spread the message of premade salad MEALS. These salad meals are sold in a variety of flavors such as Caesar and Southwest Salads, but more importantly they state the calories per salad (usually found on the front label). […]

Pre-Washed Lettuce

Should I ditch bagged lettuce? No way, would I recommend getting rid of bagged or pre-washed lettuce, especially if convenience is important to you. Many of the bagged lettuces claim “triple washed” on the bag or container, and this is big news for getting rid of bacteria and pesticides (although it never hurts to wash […]