Rotisserie Chicken and Recipes

Need a quick dinner idea? Why not visit our deli-department for a rotisserie chicken, and make a quick, easy and healthy meal today. Chicken is low in saturated fat (be sure remove the skin) and calories; especially the white-meat portion of the chicken. If you are on a sodium-restricted diet, read the food label to […]

The Benefits of Strawberries

The Benefits of Strawberries -by Carolyn Bell, RD For serving delicious red, white and blue this 4th of July, plan to add strawberries to your menu. Keep in mind strawberries are fully ripe when picked and do not continue to ripen after picking. Select bright, shiny, red berries with fresh looking green caps. Try to […]

How To Organize Your Pantry For Healthier Eating – Part 2

There are plenty of packaged foods which are nutrient-dense, vitamin rich, high in fiber, and contain less sodium, fat and sugar that you can store in the pantry. Canned or dried peas, beans and lentils are well balanced foods for easy-to-make meals. These foods contain protein, fiber, and carbohydrate. Tomatoes contain plenty of antioxidant vitamins […]

How To Organize Your Refrigerator For Healthier Eating – Part 1

If you want to make healthier eating choices at home, be sure to organize your refrigerator so that healthy foods are the first ones you see. Use clear containers for storing fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. Visible snacks like boiled eggs and yogurts should be placed eye-level and easy to find. When you open […]

Delicious And Nutritious Foods

So many delicious and nutritious foods right in your grocery store coolers! Milk, 1% or 2%, is filled with bone-building nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin D, and protein. If you prefer a soy, almond, or cashew milk, check to be sure it is fortified with good vitamins and calcium. If you love chocolate milk, it […]

Iron In Your Diet

Do you need more iron from your diet? Iron deficiency is a common problem, and there are many foods that provide iron in higher quantities. Eating these foods increases iron intake and may help to overcome anemia or iron deficiency. Animal sources of iron, such as lean beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and fish are readily […]

Blueberry Season Is Here!

Yum, blueberry season is here! The weather is getting warmer and the berries are starting to roll in. Blueberries taste delicious, and can easily be frozen for cooking, or eating as a cool treat. In addition to taste, blueberries are very powerful in vitamins and minerals. For such a small fruit, blueberries really pack in […]

5 Foods You Should Not Store In Your Refrigerator

There are 5 foods you should not store in your refrigerator: Tomatoes should be left at room temperature. When stored in the refrigerator tomatoes become mealy and have less taste. Like tomatoes, basil does not like the cold. Basil can be stored just like fresh flowers, simply cut and place in a cup or vase […]

Storing Frozen Fruits

Fruits can be kept at room temperature until they ripen. Once fruits ripen, keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. Sort your fruit before storing it because if you have any fruit that is decaying or bruised, it will contaminate other fruits and hasten their decay. When refrigerating fruits, it is best to remove them […]

How To Choose A Delightfully Ripe Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a seasonal fruit and May brings the right time to start purchasing cantaloupe. To select a ripe cantaloupe, look for tan cantaloupe with light green lines across it, and avoid choosing melons with brown or soft spots. The melon should be firm but not too soft or too hard. Smell the melon at […]