5 Foods You Should Not Store In Your Refrigerator

There are 5 foods you should not store in your refrigerator: Tomatoes should be left at room temperature. When stored in the refrigerator tomatoes become mealy and have less taste. Like tomatoes, basil does not like the cold. Basil can be stored just like fresh flowers, simply cut and place in a cup or vase […]

Storing Frozen Fruits

Fruits can be kept at room temperature until they ripen. Once fruits ripen, keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. Sort your fruit before storing it because if you have any fruit that is decaying or bruised, it will contaminate other fruits and hasten their decay. When refrigerating fruits, it is best to remove them […]

How To Choose A Delightfully Ripe Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a seasonal fruit and May brings the right time to start purchasing cantaloupe. To select a ripe cantaloupe, look for tan cantaloupe with light green lines across it, and avoid choosing melons with brown or soft spots. The melon should be firm but not too soft or too hard. Smell the melon at […]

Grocery Shopping Tour – Inner Aisles Part 2

Before grabbing quick, on-the-go snacks, check the food label for sugar content. Sometimes the sugar content may be coming from fruit sugar, so read the list of ingredients to know for sure. The ingredients are listed in the order of what the product contains the most of. For example, if sugar is the second item […]

Grocery Shopping Tour – Inner Aisles

Down the inner aisles of the store, you will find many of the prepackaged, quick and easy to prepare foods. Check your favorite items for saturated fat, sodium, and sugar content per serving. The daily recommended % values are listed next to each. The goal is to consume up to a total of 100% of […]

Grocery Shopping Tour – Produce Aisle

Produce aisles are a great place to find seasonal fruits and vegetables on sale. Market Basket Foods has a wide selection of fresh, delicious, and often, local grown produce. Don’t forget to check out the ready-made salads to-go. These salads are labeled by the calories and include a variety of choices such as southwestern, caesar, […]

Grocery Shopping Tour – Meat Aisle Part 2

Why eat meat? Meat contains protein, which is essential to replace protein in our cells. Proteins are a part of every single cell, tissue, and organs in our bodies. As proteins are broken down daily, they must be replaced by amino acids, which is derived from protein. It is recommended that an average adult consume […]

Grocery Shopping Tour – Meat Aisle

Meat is considered a protein, and nearly all meats contain the same amount of protein per ounce, but vary in the grams of fat per ounce. For example, one ounce of chicken breast contains 7 grams of protein, 1.4 grams of fat, and 35 calories. One ounce of ground meat (70% lean and 30% fat) […]


“Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle” Healthy cooking can be fun, even with a busy lifestyle. Save money by cooking large batches of foods such as chili, spaghetti, red beans and rice, and freeze in smaller, meal-size servings. First, you will want to clean out your freezer, then purchase freezer storage bags or containers and use […]


“Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle” Help motivate your kids to want healthy snacks by playing food games when grocery shopping. Create an alphabet calendar at home and each time you go to the grocery store, search for fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snacks that begin with a particular alphabet letter. Keep the game going until […]