Kickoff Popper Dip


Topped with a sprinkling of buttery cracker crumbs, this creamy, cheesy dip packs all the flavor of a jalapeño popper in every scoop.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Appetizers


When it comes to appetizers, anything wrapped in bacon is a winner! Get out the chicken, dressing, and raspberry jam and see for yourself!

Fantastic Grilled Corn on the Cob


Total time: 30 mins

Cheesy Bones


Tell your Halloween party guests to beware of these bone-shape nibbles on the table. They’re cheesy, but they’ve got a bit of a bite to them!

Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip


Bake this fun mummy-shape bread loaf, and you can be sure this spinach dip will win best costume at your Halloween party.

Chicken & Citrus Salad


You don’t have to go to a resort to get this spa-inspired chicken and citrus salad, but you do get to feel just as relaxed, because it’s ready in 15 minutes.

Layered Fiesta Dip


There’s a party on two levels in this Layered Fiesta Dip, from the lime juice-spiked avocado base to the jumble of salsa, lettuce, and cheese on top.

Fresh Corn Salsa


Homemade corn salsa is the ultimate way to enjoy seasonal veggies. A little heat keeps things interesting.

Quick & Easy Crab Cakes


No longer just for wedding buffets and restaurant menus, our easy crab cakes can be made at home. Stove Top Stuffing Mix is the key to every tender, tasty bite.

Velveeta Spicy Spinach Dip


Total time: 15 mins