The Difference Between Coffee Roasts

selecting-the-perfect-bag-of-coffeeRich, luxurious, and comforting, one has to only think about the word coffee to be overcome by these feelings. There are very few things as satisfying as waking up in the morning with a mug of freshly brewed coffee. Perhaps you need to cut down on the pricy coffeehouse trips and find a comparable blend of store-bought coffee. The choice can be tough with the wide variety of coffee available in the grocery store. Here is some information about the different roasts that can help you find the perfect coffee that complements your taste buds. Recent studies show that people’s choice of coffee is inextricably linked with their personalities.

Light or Mild Roast

A light or mild roast coffee is light brown in color and is the mildest coffee. Since not much heat is applied to the berries, an original fruity or floral tone is often present. A light or mild roast has the highest acidity and the lowest caffeine content. For example, breakfast blend is a popular light or mild roast.

Medium Roast

As more heat is applied, the berries continue to brown and gain a very balanced profile of color, acidity, and body. Medium roast coffee is the most common amongst coffee drinkers. For example, house blend and decaf house blend are very popular medium roasts.

Dark or Bold Roast

Beans that are roasted for a long time have a full-bodied, soft acidic flavor. A dark or bold roasts’ aroma is rich and has a caramel sweetness. Espresso roast and decaf espresso roast fall into the category of a dark or bold roast coffee.


  • For the best flavor, buy whole beans and grind them at home when ready to use.
  • Always be aware of the roasting date on the bag and pick the most recent date to ensure the coffee’s freshness.

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