Five Clever Kitchen and Cooking Tips

Unless you’ve put in the time needed to become an expert chef, the kitchen can be a confusing place at times. Market Basket would like to share a few eye-opening kitchen “tricks of the trade” to make your experience in the kitchen a little bit easier. Here are five kitchen and cooking tips:


1. Easily Peel Boiled Eggs

After boiling your eggs, crack their shells very lightly and let them soak in a bowl of room temperature water. The water will seep its way in between the eggs and their shells, which will allow effortless shell removal.

shutterstock_892554282. Taco Shells

For the perfect taco shells, simply hang tortillas over two of your oven rack’s bars and bake until crunchy. Then remove and add your taco fillings.

shutterstock_1301798363. Keep Lettuce Fresh & Wilt-free

Moisture is what causes lettuce to wilt while it sits in the fridge. To counter-act this, place your lettuce in a Ziploc® bag and lay two sheets of paper towel on top. Remove as much air as possible and seal the bag. The paper towels will absorb the moisture and keep the lettuce fresh longer.

shutterstock_1124003334. Ice Cubes That Don’t Delude Tea / Coffee

It’s always annoying when you’re drinking iced tea or iced coffee and the ice cubes delude the flavor. However, if you freeze some tea or coffee in an ice cube tray instead of water, you’re iced beverage’s flavor will not be deluded.

shutterstock_309315825. Keep Salt Fresh & Clump-free

Salt clumps up due to excess moisture that is existent in its container. To prevent salt from clumping, simply add a handful of rice grains to your salt container. The grains of rice will absorb the excess moisture, keeping your salt fresh and clump-free.