Prepared Foods in Supermarkets

market-basket-prepared-foodsPrepared foods are on the rise in the supermarket industry, so much so that they are giving actual restaurants a run for their money. Modern consumer trends of growing health consciousness and desires of instant gratification are boosting their awareness of supermarket prepared foods. Ready-to-eat meals prepared by grocery stores are generally a healthier alternative to eating fast food, and they allow for a one-stop dinner and grocery shopping experience.

Supermarket Prepared Food Sales Experiencing Growth

According to the NPD Group, retail take-home food sales are expected to increase by as much as 10% by 2022. This has some restaurants worried, because this more than doubles their own projected growth.

Market Basket’s Prepared Food

In addition to our daily specials in our deli department, select Market Basket locations offer a variety of delicious foods that are ready-to-eat. Fresh ‘n Hot Deli Menu items are available everyday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you have any questions about our prepared food, visit your local store or contact us.