Who Said Breakfast Is Just For Kids?

Moms and dads…do you recommend kids shouldn’t eat breakfast? No, so why should adults miss breakfast? Eating breakfast prevents blood sugar from getting too low, leaving you hungry and perhaps overeating at lunch or dinner. No time for breakfast? Make your own egg muffin sandwich the night before with egg, thin cheese, and an English muffin and heat it up as you head out the door. Try a banana, string cheese, and dry cereal for on-the-go mornings or try a peanut butter sandwich minus the high-sugar jellies, fruit, and yogurt. Most importantly, be sure to include fiber in your breakfast. Fiber will slow digestion and keep you feeling full much longer. If your breakfast consists of high-calorie, high-sugar foods, which are low in fiber, blood sugar will rise rapidly and drop quickly, which may leave you hungrier than before breakfast. So don’t forget the fiber, a low-sugar intake and try to include a variety of healthy proteins, carbohydrates like dairy, fruits, and whole grain starches and lastly fats!